I'm like Stevie Wonder, but I can see things

I found a way to tell if it's serious. Yep, no more cheap magazines with "10 ways to know if he's Mr. Right", Oprah advice or anything of that nature. I have cracked the robust formula of relationships with bands. It goes something like this:

If (and only if) you heard a song of that band, and you didn't know it's theirs, and this (exact) thought crossed your mind: "oooh, what is this? this is great, I must find out what it is. pronto", and then you bothered finding it, then (and just then) it means you're truly into the music.

This is of course not just an abstract, imaginative formula (as amazing as it may be in its' current form), but completely based on empirical experience. I know so because it happened to me twice with Hot Chip* (it's not, unlike popular belief, a hot guy named chip), *the* new electo-funk/disco-punk/Giorgio-Moroder-meets-Prince-and-they-rant-about-James Murphy kids on the block. First when I listened to Soulwax's Essential Mix from the beginning of the year. OK, I will tell the story. I was listening to it (imagine me listening), some songs were playing - nothing abrupt happened so far (still listening, yes), THEN "Over and Over" infilitrated (it's the disco infiltrator fo' sho'!) the set, and boy, was I totally shocked. Don't worry, no animals were harmed during the making of this post. At any rate, the second time it happened was like, uh, yesterday - I was listening to this set I found by this dude called The Lovely Jonjo (not to be confused with Jojo de Freq of Nag Nag Nag), and she dropped some nice tunes, then a song which made me scratch my head and wonder - as was introduced earlier in section #1 of formula #1 - was played, then I found out, you guessed it, that it is Hot Chip indeed (song's name "No Fit State"). Well, should I call Alexis (Hot Chip's main writer) now and ask him to marry me?

On a differnet note, I've been thinking about the right definition of my musical approach. Till recently I believed a Music Snob fits right, then I decided I don't want any arrogance connotations, so Music Nerd was created, then I thought I shouldn't be so proud of my nerdiness, and this is seriously the new title: a Music Intellectual. Yep, that's right. I, Tal, am a music intellectual. We love you Tal. Thanks. Stop talking to yourself, Tal. How can I stop? I am writing a goddamn blog. Uh, yes, that's right.

* I do know everyone's talking about Hot Chip right now, and I seriously don't want to be viewed as uncool (after all, this is the internet, guys. Everyone's so cool here!) in the anal community of music bloggers, but I can't get enough of this shit. Is it still frowned upon to get excited over music? Silently nodding to the beat in shows like you all do would cut my blog into nothingness ("Day 1 - Today I listened to James Chance & The Contortions, well, I have to.. *nod*. Day 2 - Today it was The Liars. *lots of nodding*"... yeah, you get the idea).


Anonymous said...

awww...yeah i love hot chip too.hot chip are more than my favourite band! i mean i've had favourites in the past but they seem to go beyond that <3

Tal said...

that's great, anonymous. btw, how did you get here? i don't remember publishing this blog yet. i'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

i am a blog ghost and regularly haunt these here pages! woooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Anonymous said...


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