Shit robot or disco?

Hey, what's that? A package? Who could have sent me a package?!

Oh, a friend from New York, named DFA! How sweet! Let's see what's inside...

That's nice. Some party flyers, various of other cool shit...

And some more stuff...

A Juan Maclean poster!!!!

The LCD gang in a beautiful drawing! Hey there, Nancy!

Erm, OK, I had more pictures to post but is being silly. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, tell me. So, after I have shown off enough, I will grant you with a song. Before that, I would like to thank the DFA person who sent me everything, I don't know if you'd want me to mention your name here, and I guess it doesn't matter to you but I want you to know you've made your #1 fan in Israel even more dedicated. Also, I suppose that people in the know wouldn't have such a hard time guessing who it is :)

So, posting a DFA song you haven't heard before is pretty adequate here I presume, but I don't have anything that can really surprise you, have you heard Rapture's 'alabama sunshine' featured on the compilation #2? I guess you have, and I guess you know how great and underrated it is. I also don't have Carl Craig's remix of that Delia & Gavin song, hehe, probably because I don't get a salary from the DFA studios, nor am I Tim Sweeney from Beats in Space who also works for DFA, so I guess you can forget about it for now (but here's a Carl Craig mix from the end of last year). I'm not the one to tell you that you should expect great things though. That remix of the Klaxons song is special too, but I don't know how to rip songs off MySpace, so you better try to get there yourself. So, my only relative advantage is my location. Which is Israel. Which is not very exciting. There's a fun Israeli singer-songwriter called Shy Nobleman who released two albums so far that gained a lot of praise in the Israeli indie scene. If you heard the stuff you'd realize that our indie scene is more or less usually the world's mainstream pop, so no need to worry. I figure posting shit no one has doesn't mean much since everyone's gonna have it anyway thanks to soulseek, after a week. So what's left to do? Post music you really like and ignore the entire blogging community? Or try to both post music you like *and* try to introduce music you people really probably haven't heard? Good idea. Back to Nobleman, his first LP, 'How To Be Shy', got a lot of critical acclaim and was selected an album of the year by a Rolling Stone critic on the release year. That was exciting for us. The second album 'Beautiful Life', released last year, has the song I'm posting, which is my favourite one from it, it's called 'Baby in The Rain', and I guess that if Paul Epworth produced it'd be treated differently but it doesn't really matter, it's a lot of fun and you don't know it yet! even if you're an ILX regular! I bet!


Shy Nobleman - Baby in The Rain


(right, if Shy's music interests you, please buy it. You can buy it through me, I'll get a copy here and send it to you, or you could try or something. it's not out on a major label or something so I guess you can't get it outside of Israel)


hot chip's sister said...

what!! no hot chip?

Anonymous said...

Don't suppose there is a tracklist for
that Carl Craig NY mix is there?

pH said...

Hell, there are 2 "Bigstereo" in your links !

Anonymous said...

Hey, just found your site. It rocks

Can you please repost
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Hot Chip Remix)?

Dying to hear it

Tal said...

ph, thanks, nice blog.

anonymous no problem, what's your email?

Bruce Benson said...

I'm officially jealous. OFFICIALLY.

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(