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Have I become that old hat who constantly spews drivel on one progressive rock band? This may be true if that progressive band is actually a fresh electro-soul outfit composed mainly of synthesizer nerds. Just your everyday, extremely talented, not even socially autistic (Yes, I'm talking about you Gary Numan) nerds.

Hot Chip, duh, have selected great remixers for their singles so far: from ferocious Solid Groove, to potential legendary kompakt pop wizard boy Justus Kohncke and Optimo's ingenious Naum Gabo, London's own Larry Levan (ha) - Erol Alkan and now Cosmic Sandwich.

Erol's (that guy is almost everywhere today, which is essentially amazing: Beyond The Wizards Sleeve's new release, remixes of The Klaxons and Justice, producing The Long Blondes, and I read somewhere that the MUSTAPHA 3000 moniker of upcoming Headman remix fame and more is actually him, [can anyone confirm?] also check out the brilliant mix on BIS) own notion of DFA-ing the already DFA-ish Hot Chip 'Boy From School' song was pretty brave, you try to beat the disco revisionists in their own realm. Cosmic Sandwich opt a summertime attack, creating an Alan Braxe-y beat so intricate it keeps me moving even after the signifcant abridgement of the lyrics ("We try... We try..."). It does make me contemplate a bit though, do remixes like this make Tom Findlay jealous? Don't you think there should be a better word for re-interpreting songs than "remix"? And what if some Sonar Kollektiv (should be careful saying that) fellow would take a shot at remixing Hot Chip? I imagine that could work out nicely.

Hot Chip - Boy From School (Cosmic Sandwich Remix)

You should buy the album from Pure Groove. They have copies now on EMI. You should buy it. From Pure Groove. The Album. The Warning. Buy. It. Now. Like I did. Now. Good. I would also like to acclaim Pure Groove for taking such relatively low shipment prices to Israel, compared to Phonica, which is an absolutely amazing record shop, that indeed tried to steal 44 pounds for shipment from me. Luckily, being the poor Israeli soldier that I am, my credit card company declined the order. Woo, so lucky having no money in the bank! So yes, back to music, what else did I like lately? I'll try to create a little chart of my listening choices right now:

Claude Vonstroke - The Whistler

Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom - Revelee (DFA Remix)

It's so hot in here, so take off all your clothes. Timeless, right on time, ever-fresh, hype-justified D-F-A galaxy beats.

New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream

Go check out their myspace page, one of the smartest shameless groups around.

Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Electrochemie Remix)

How hard is it to remix Booka Shade? Very. How good is this one? Very.

The Klaxons - Atlantis To Interzone

808 state-esque synths, curious guitar arrangements, the Nightmoves hype behind everything, Erol's admiration and already an appearance at Trash, 20 Jazz Funk Greats giving the initial approval and TAPE pumping it up all through, resistance is futile.

Betty Botox - Impossible Dreams

Haven't heard anything from the new G4 Faggot release, has anyone heard and can testify? If it's as good as the Betty Botox stuff from 2005 then we can put the disco re-edit crown on Twitch's head, scarcely surpassing masters like Greg Wilson & Tom Moulton. Also, Todd Terje (Tangoterje), Prins Thomas and, in a couple of years, Tim Sweeney are someplace of magnitude in the monarchy.

Outkast - The Mighty O

Gabriel Ananda - Ihre Personliche Glucksmelodie (Dominik Eulberg Remix)

I will have to admit it now, Gabriel Ananda is my discovery for 2006. Those are the surprises being a curious, eager, 21 years old music zealous bring.

The Modettes - White Mice

Another indirect Optimo reference in this chart, my musical journies are pretty straightforward. Betty Botox reminded me of Optimo's Hang The DJ pt.2 CD 2 (with all the goodies!), and that reminded me of Rough Trade's powerful Post Punk collection. Great shit. Great -dance- shit.


hot chip's sister said...

what!! no hot chip?

headphonesex said...

re: Betty Botox... take a listen to the UNBELIEVABLE track i've just posted.

alex said...

erol IS mustapha3000 - tim sweeney says as much on the BIS show and if you've heard the erol vs justice mix from the edbanger party you hear the boys shouting out "give it up for mustapha!!!"

just got "G4 faggot" yesterday and i can confirm it's as good as "the world of... "

Tal said...

haha, mustapha is an incredible name. um, where could that edbanger party mix? sounds hot.

i'm gonna hope juno gets my copy of g4 faggot fast to nowhere land aka israel.

AUSTIN said...

cool selection, i like that new klaxons single a lot. have you heard Gravity's Rainbow?

Their remix of Jim Noir's "My Patch".. was only available for download for 1 day last time you posted it! Then poof. Could you repost? Please :). I love Hot Chip. I love that track. I would love to hear the remix. Cheers

Tal said...

oh sure, whats yr email?

um btw, are you someone i know, say, name's initials are CP?

austin said...

haha i'm afraid not. i'm a long way from isreal m8

yeah i don't know if this is ridiculous or what but my college email got de activated or some lark, i don't think i have another working account at the moment. dyou think you could just post a ysi link in the comments here? meanwhile i trys ta get it working again. i'm sure others would want to hear it too. ta

austin said...

bugger 'n i just spelled israel there. wah

Tal said...

right, don't wanna sound like a prick but - do you have a friend's email that i can reach you at?

austin said...

yeah sure.. my m8 michael. myota76@yahoo.com. if you mail that adress just say it's for Austin.

m i don't wanna sound like a prick either, but just wondering why does it have to be an email? is there some kinda rule that you can't repost things.. i dunno RIAA or some?

American Athlete said...

Could you post the DFA remix of Revelee again? Anyways, I love your blog. You might like some of the stuff I've been posting lately.

Take Care
American Athlete Blog

Alex Egan said...

mmm...'impossible dreams' is by far my favorite betty botox track, nice one

Tal said...

alexy - that's my fav track too! that piano magic... awww. i just got g4 faggot in the mail and i'm realy excited about it, btw, do you happen to know where could i purchase a vinyl copy of 'the world of'?

austin - sorry mate, i've been away from the computer for a while, do you still need that track? email me again if its not too late and i'll get to it right away

american athelte - thanks for the compliments, i've checked your blog and i like it and i'll add to it to my links. about the dfa remix, i'm afraid the dfa guys don't appreciate their stuff getting posted, and i totally respect that so naturally i can't help you with that. on the other hand, i urge you to buy it since it's out now! go go go

Anonymous said...

haha no prob, i'd still love that track. i sent you an email a bit ago, if you could attatch it to the reply that'd be cool.thanks