Not a real post but...

Well, hello. I'm sort of sorry I haven't posted anything lately, I've just finished this semester and I've had my exams plus there's a war going on in Israel (this is, and thank god for that, not another one of those tear-inducing war blogs) and Lebanon and possibly the entire middle east soon, so I believe the lack of postage has gone undetected, or so I hope.

I'm still imprisoned in the Israeli army, hopeful will officially get released in 3 months. Meantime, I'm conjuring up a real post for you beloved not-hipster-at-all kiddies. Will emerge later.

Do you like Peter Bjorn & John's Young Folks? If you like sheer, pure and unadulterated pop - you do. Did you like Writer's Block, the album? Why, yes you did. So, I suppose, the hail for Beyond The Wizards Sleeve psychedelic extended version/remix is inevitable.

Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve's Remix)

My chart for July, I guess:

Hot Chip - Boy From School (Hot Chip Rework)
Girl Talk - Night Ripper
Poni Hoax - She's On The Radio
Trabant - The One (Williams Remix)
Quiet Village Project - Circus Of Horrors
Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks (BTWS's Remix)
Fabric Live 29 - Cut Copy
Rub N' Tug - Better With A Spoonful Of Leather
Kissy Sell Out - Keanu Reeves (Grunge Version)
Play Paul - Lalaland (Ed Bangers Remix)


Teresita said...

Hi, what do you think the war ? I´m sorry if my question is not good. I like that you answer it will public in my weblog.

Tal said...

what's the address? i will if you give me a link

Anonymous said...

Hey Tal,

Happy to hear from you after some time. Listen, I think the link to Peter Bjorn is not working, I get to the first sendspace page but after clivking on the file I get a "no page to display" error.
Any chance you could fix that?
I've been looking for this song lately.



Bosley said...

Good to hear from you...Was getting a little worried...I can only imagine what it's like over there right now...I imagine internet time is probably rather limited, but let us know if there's anything new (or old) that you want to hear, and we'll do our best to get it to you...

Mr Soft said...

glad to hear your safe and well; look after yourself, hope it all gets better soon. and cheers for the wizard's sleeve song: tune of the summer, easily

Anonymous said...

Thx for everything man !
Hope someday, the sky will turn blue again over your head ;)

stacy said...

thanks for the song. looking forward to more to come. hang in there.

RY said...

hey man! (you may know already know me househooligan.. slsk..) anyway.. great job this blog mate you one of my faves at the moment! and for that track! now that was quick work! love this song.

Tal said...

hey ryan, i indeed know you :) mr "i did annie mac", hehe j/k... thx for the kind words

stacy, thank you!

anonymous, whoever you are, i know what you mean, we all hope so very much.

kiran, completely agreed

Tal said...

bosley & rest, you shouldn't worry and if you need anything (like mp3s or stuff) just email me at

oh and teresita, still have a link for that blog/site of yours and want me to comment on any matter?

Anonymous said...

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