Favourite Tune Of The Second

Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Erol Alkan Carnival Of Light Rework) - Well, it's true. Erol keeps kids dancing. Even when they don't feel like it. So, after we've settled that remixes don't really have to have direct coherence to the original, in regard of quality, and that reworks and edits can improve greatly (seek MUSTAPHA3000's elaboration on Headman's 'Moisture', and Justus Kohncke's disco brilliance with Zero 7's 'You're My Flame' for more clues) , I will have to confess that I haven't really given much attention to Scissor Sisters' original version. Erol stripped down the vocals but kept some for the end (more on that later), and created an almost entirely new beat that is derived by tiny loops from the original. This new beat was massive enough to be extended on a 8-minute space, that's twice the size of the song, obviously to be played in Trash and its' companion clubs. But not only, as this is not an heavy production along the lines of his Franz Ferdinand remix, but an awesome dance tune like his DFA-esque take on Hot Chip's 'Boy From School'. Erol cunningly kept some of the vocals for the end of the tune, exposing the excessive build-up he manifested, in a way that the original, or one of the other remixes on the single release can act as the natural beginning to the end of this great rework.

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RY said...

nice peice tal.. and i agree.. this work is epic