Chateau Flight

Well, here I am going away on a vacation with my family. Hopefully it will slow down time a bit for me, I'll be disconnected from the Internet for a week and enjoy the lovely commecialized nature of Tenerife, an island near Spain. It's a 7-hour flight and I wish I could escape to Madrid on our stop there, but nah. I suppose there's no scene in Tenerife, so I don't expect to come back with musical inspiration.

Anyhow, I'm gonna take this vacation and try to enjoy music the good old fashioned way (as much as you can do that with an iPod). So really, if anyone has any recommendations for an album, shouldn't be necessarily new, that is in their top 10 ( take to a deserted island), or just think I should love (I really don't care if it's obscure or pop, or anything I heard already-- that's essentially the beauty of recommendation) please drop a quick comment.

I know I'll be probably taking The Beach Boys' 'Pet Sounds', so you get the idea. Take care and don't ruin the Internet while I'm gone.


Denshi Deta said...

Two albumns:
Mice Parade - Obrigado Saudade
Nina Simone - Anthology

Enjoy Yourself!

Anonymous said...


Color me mainstream but the knife "silent shout" and e.a. & apparat's "orchestra of bubbles" made the perfect score for my summer holidays. Also e.a.'s "Thrills" is nice too.



PS: btw, clubbing scene is tronger in Barcelona, although Madrid is spawning amazing minimal producers.

...yep, I'm from Barcelona.