Sinden@Israel (1/12/06)

Ahhhhhh, I just got back. You know those types who during the party extrapolate what their afterwards post is gonna look like? I've reached these conclusions, anywho:

1. Fidget house is only good when people who know the deal do it: As I see it, only when fidget house, that genre dubsided more or less invented, is played or made by people who actually know what they're doing-- it's in its perfect shape. Fidget house is not a real genre, it's more of an urban genre: made and created via the urbanity landscape. Of course, as with any art, the masterpieces will float when real artists take a shot at them. The real artists in this case are Sinden, Switch, Jesse Rose and Joshua Harvey (and I might add Ryan Jones to this list in a few years, or Erol Alkan when he leaves the dancefloor). When anonymous DJs try to play it, it's boring. The thing is, you have to be categorically skilled to know how to play it, as it was born in the UK for a certain reason: people got bored of the old house. They wanted to refresh it, but when unprofessional individuals, or just call it amateur try to refresh something, they usually retreat to the old formulas: raising the BPM, sampling over and over into frenzy, more epileptic sampler work, the extension of the builds and climaxes in tracks and so forth. When Sinden did it, he was close to professionalism. But at times, it just seemed like he was tweaking with the ecstatic beats to smartmouth us. Obviously, still has a lot to learn from master Dave Taylor.

2. When you pulled all your tricks already, all you want to do is make people dance: And that's what Sinden eventually did, took out his big pack of London hits to show the provincial Israeli kiddies, the middle-eastern Palestinians, what cultural centralism is all about: Banger after banger, and I almost fainted. After he played all the fidgety-boompty tricks, he just wanted people to freak the fuck out. He started with Simian VS Justice's 'Never Be Alone' (also, silly Israeli boy Tal never heard it in a club before), yes you're right, it can be fucking annoying to hear that a million times-- but at that very point, after an almost tiring fidget tricks&treats set, you wanna hear a familiar beat and it sounds almost perfect. So I danced my heart out, I made moves I never knew I could do, I think everyone was looking at me but I didn't care: I knew I much I loved Simian, then, he pulled that new Dirty South remix of Depeche Mode that's been going down well in London now I suppose, then Trentemoller's 'Go' remix, then Smith N Hack's remix of Herbert's 'Moving Like A Train' that I posted below (which is absolutely hysterical to see Israeli men trying to dance to that, most of them didn't know what hit them), and my favourite: Erol Alkan's amazing rework of Scissor Sisters (also in my top 5 remixes of the year)-- I have heard it so *many* times, and it never ceases to make me lose control. How great is that? After that, which is almost now time-wise, he continued dropping bangers like Boyz Noize but I just had to go. Think about it, in the end of the day, Sinden just like everybody else dropped the greatest bangers in the world right now. The ones that get played in Berlin's Panorama Bar just like at London's T-Bar, Barcelona's Razzmatazz etcetera etcerata. That, excuse my political stance, kind of made me feel like Israel is normal again.

3. I know what's right for me: Trust me, getting there wasn't easy at all. I've had terrible last couple of days, I think I had a nervous breakdown, I was mad at the entire world, and then I told my friends that I knew I needed this party, and I had to go to it. To quote Debbie Deb, 'When I hear music, it makes me dance', good music can cure all my troubles. That's about it, good *DANCE* music can do it, and you can call me shallow but I don't care, I think dancing is the greatest expression of feeling alive. So, I really know what's right for me. That's a good thing, that means I should trust my own intuition, I haven't had such an adrenaline rush in a long time, I was practically jumping through the club, from my friends in one zone to the DJ's booth shouting, screaming, singing and dancing in front of him. When the curtain falls, I just feel amazing right now. My ears are ringing, and they haven't rung in a long time and that's such a good thing really.

4. Never write posts when you're a bit drunk: Or maybe do it only when you're a bit drunk. Pardon the meta-bloggerism, but I am sorry if this post sounds a bit incoherent, I blame the alcohol. Good fucking night.


Anonymous said...

hey tal, nice to see u back, wondering what u thought about the dfa chapter two ?

Tal said...

well of course i liked it, it's DFA... probably my favorite label

by the way, do you have a nickname/name?

RY said...

very very nice peice.. Your blog is very unique because of the way you write your posts and the topics you chose... I love it..

and thanks for your faith in me... im flattered... but i could never add my name to such an exclusive list!


todd said...

yeah my name is todd.

Denshi Deta said...

Shit...I just read through your blog, and half of my draft section is similar to your previous posts...freaky! Well, I guess great minds think the way check out the samurai fm link on my page for Lindstrom and Todd Terje mixes. Love Notes

Miguel said...

Hi Tal,
thanks for your kind words..:)

That fabolous Joakim edit is ok now!

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