The Aesthetics of Disco

My Cousin Roy - Bobbi's Back Let's look at what's given: 1. 2nd person (first was Skwerl) who added me to MySpace and had GOOD MUSIC FOR A CHANGE. 2. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York - home of disco. 3. Profile Views: 946 4. Plays Today: 4 5. 24 comments. If you do the math, you can tell this is 'temporal internet obscurity'. Take into account that this is a marvelous re-edit indeed (definitely ranked highly, running up close to the Pilooski and Terje Diamonds Dub ones), and you have post material already (MySpace).

Logic System - Clash The cosmic freaks already know this gem. It's taken from DJ Harvey's eponymous Sarcastic Disco mix. Something about the simple popcorn stylings, the orchestral synths, and the throbbing bass kicks gives me the feeling that if all music in the world sounded like this, I'd still be very happy. Also, in a world like that, I wouldn't bore you with overused theories about eclecticism. Yuch.

Pawel - The Aesthetics of Resistance The good thing about music is that, unlike people (sorry, folks) - you always have the feeling you'll find something new, amazing and you'd egotistically feel it was made just for you, for that very moment. It did happen recently with Skatebaard, it did happen with Ewan Pearson & Al Usher's Partial Arts project (I'm sure that if I actually met those guys in person, it'd be much more awkward than just listening to their music... Eh). So, hm, this is your next great moment - continuing the spaced-out fashion of Logic's Clash, Pawel's aesthetics of resistance are really, really beautiful.


Frank said...

Hey man, loved The Aesthetics of Resistance. ;^)

monitwo said...

Pawel = Tuner who has release 2 beautifull indietronica albums on Ladomat.
if u like Dial (Lawarnce aka Sten is comiming next week, he's the label boss and i think the best producer there) style check - pantha du prince - this bliss, lovely album or carsten jost & efdemin - split [dial 34, Efdemin's track is in the vein of "where we at", ithink its actually better.