Pilooski - Double Dub Edit Another re-edit of one of the most amazing songs I heard in my life. This is not yet another re-edit, but the best one (sorry, Terje) I heard. I seriously hope no one heard the erotic noises I made when I heard it. Oh my fucking G-o-d. Kathy Diamond - All Woman Maurice Fulton, need-I-say-more? Finally no Mu around and we can go back to the old school disco sounds that we love so much. Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 8 Would the brothers want to kill me if I said their main inspiration is Simian Mobile Disco now? Such clear big-room piano synths, stereophonic clicks and clacks-- I don't remember anything so powerful coming from the Brothers in a long ass time. I missed you so much. Pull those electronic weapons and fire the shit out of me. Thomas Dolby - One Of Our Submarines (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) How long did it take me to realize Damian Lazarus' Suck My Deck is a masterpiece? Too long. How long did it take me to realize this Thomas Dolby track is a perfect mellow spaced-out song? Don't even ask. Justin Martin - The Fugitive Claude Vonstroke is my man of the year. Well, obviously in the list after Matt Edwards and Carl Craig. He's been so punctate, so tasteful yet so energetic at the same time it makes you wanna go all the way to Detroit again, wonder where he is and find out it's San Fransisco. Well, as much as 'funky house' can be a hateful term; Well (2), forget about the silly introduction, it's on Dirtybird and that's all which counts right now. Welcome, new school Detroit. Skwerl - All Woman More songs titled 'all woman' please. Thing is, I gotta put this in my chart because so far, Skwerl is the only group that added me to Myspace and was actually any good. Plus, they're on Trickski's new label. Oh, and it's a great tune. Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat I know, they stole some of the ideas here. It's 2007 for christ's sake, I think wailing about plagiarism is so 90's. So 90's, that this song instantly propels SMD as one of the best dance producers in the world, as of 1/1/2007. Para One - Midnight Swim (Surkin Remix) Some people are rightfully tired of Ed Banger. When the hype disappears, i.e everyone left the party and only Pedro Winter is left to clean the mess the French underage hipster kids made - you realize Justice won't be the next Daft Punk. You realize Ed Banger is the best party in town, you realize that just like the best party - it lasts only as long as the music plays, the light flickers and the kiddies are happy. That still doesn't negate the fact Para One & Surkin are the kings in this castle. Joakim - Drumtrax (Radioslave Remix) Hey. Hi. Just look at that. Look at those names together there, in one song title. Fuck. !!! - Heart Of Hearts I recently had to compile a New York themed mixtape for a friend of mine, for his little mixtape project. He had given me a list of files, they all looked great. When I started mixing it for him, I realized how vital it is to have chk chk chk in there. New chk chk chk sounds are essential New York material. LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous Speaking of which, thank 'you' (Time's person of the year), the Internet user, for making it possible for music lovers to listen to awesome records, keep on searching for newer music and then neglect stuff that haven't been even released yet. With the festive actual release of the vinyl by DFA, with the correct remixers (give me Hot Chip, Carl Craig, Radioslave, Rub N' Tug and Nightmoves on a plate, please. Mock & Toof would be satisfactory as well), this record would get the maximum attention it so deserves.

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Mr Soft said...

you're damn right - to my mind, lazarus's suck my deck is one of the best mix CDs EVER.

good to have you back posting