Les Petits Pilous - Jolie Fille (wrongly labeled) This is a total 'WTF' moment, slowly turned into a 'WOW' revelation. I really don't think that I should say stuff like: Erol Alkan has apparently been playing this to death long before anyone knew what it is (I'm actually not really sure about that, but I suppose so) - but on a completely serious note, I don't think you need more than a set of ears to realize that this is MAD. Their INSPIRATION is PARA ONE, do you get that? It means there's so much young and vital blood in it. This is how kids perceive rave or something, I presume. Anywho, this time my blogging duty is just to pass this to you - I don't even have any light to shed on this one, as it's so straightforwardly brilliant.

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