March listening

x) Kaos - Panopeeps (Amazing)
x) Diskjokke - Heft & Plunder EP (Great Norwegian stuff. Next big thing. Word)
x) Freddie Mercury - Love Kills (Glimmers Mix) (Not always fond of their style, but this is gold)
x) Xaver Naudascher - Lost (Tilts my liver a bit)
x) Kathy Diamond - Another Life (Off of the new Fulton-produced album -- Quality)
x) Feist - My Moon My Man (Non-guilty pleasure singer-songwriter alt-pop perfection)
x) Amplified Orchestra - Kebec 1 (Can you resist a Kebekelektrik re-edit? I couldn't)
x) Lopazz - Share My Ryhthm (Isolee Remix) (Me heart Isolee)
x) Padded Cell - Moon Menace (Great home-made disco from the UK)
x) The Flirts - Helpless (You Took My Love) (Thanks Professor for this one. I'm an addict)
x) Talking Drums - Courage (Actually, anything from the Computer Incarnations compilation is a must have)
x) Bjorn Torske - Hatten Passer (More Norwegian stuff. Ace)
x) Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Soulwax Remix) (Only heard a snippet, but this is EVIL)
x) Lindstrom - Breakfast in Heaven (Gettting a real release soon, though been leaked for ages. Time to recall how remarkable this work is)
x) LCD Soundsystem - Us v Them (Best track on the album, as of now -- The 45:33-esque stylings of 'Get Innocuous' and 'Someone Great' disco jams plus I've declared it as my new personal favourite)

More words soon...

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showtrotta said...

I haven't heard it yet, but if you would like a perhaps even more guiltless pleasure, there is a Boys Noize remix of the Feist track "My Moon, My Man".

Really like your blog btw!