Wonky is a state of mind

Justus Kohncke - Parage // Kompakt Some people say: fuck re-edits. Justus, a pretty underrated character, makes great disco - new, fresh, original - with all the familiar mannerism, while keeping everything so easy going. This track is fun, meaningless, and has a very clean and soft production. It's wonky, but not in a way that gives you caries. The next track I'm posting is a bit wonkier, with a fat layer of cheese on top, which can possibly jam up your veins. Being wonky is a double edged sword: it's a good way to get the listener's attention, but if done incorrectly - it makes you look ridiculous. Don't wanna be rude, but that's what happens on some (well, most) of the stuff The Glimmers do on their own (not talking about remixes/edits), and - alas - some of the Reverso 68 stuff, and I suppose you could put Partial Arts' 'Telescope' on that list too. Although I do want to point out LSB's stuff (Pete Herbert and Baby G) is really really good, and they manage to take the predictability factor out of the equation, and assemble disco grooves that sound about 99.9% complete (see their 'Original Highway Delight', based on Michael Heart's 'Some Girls' for reference).

Mugwump - Boutade // Misericord
Both of the tracks I'm posting today have great names - Parage and Boutade. That's cool. This song, as I said earlier, is much wonkier. But I think I'm in a real wonky mood right now as I've been basically listening to these two most of the time lately. I guess this state puts you in a certain mood which is relaxing and fun, and that's what I probably need. It's coming out on Ewan Pearson's (of the aforementioned Partial Arts fame with Al Usher) new label Misericord. It's quite effective, big chords, violins, everything. I suppose this track could dance nicely with the walls of a club. I expect more cool stuff on this label, and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

The Juan Maclean - Happy House // DFA Obviously I can't share this one (don't want neither pesky EMI lawyers nor the beloved J. Murphy on my back), but you've all probably heard it, whether it was on Sweeney's show or Juan's podcast for RA (look them up), or someplace else - this track is irresistible. Could possibly be the fact my girlfriend has been talking about it ever since she heard it - but it's certainly one of the biggest hypes of 2008 (alongside Hercules & Love Affair and the next Soulja Boy single... or something). It's out on Monday (pre-order it at juno or anywhere. Now!). Meanwhile, I've found some very interesting interviews with the likes of James Murphy, Morgan Geist, Mike Simonetti, DJ Harvey, Thomas Bullock of Rub&Tug and more for you to read. I might write about them too, as they address rather fascinating issues about the relations between disco and punk (and dance/rock in general). The links are over the great Daughters of Invention blog here.

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dalston shopper said...

The Juan Maclean is a bit boring in my view. But the Parage I have been caning in my sets and it's always surprised people. Boutade is amazing - like a mix of 60s lounge music and Marshall Jefferson.