Those Norwegians! Again!

My listening routine for these days:

Lullabies in the Dark - Song For Marie & Elise (Aeroplane Remix) // Eskimo As the new Aeroplane remix, I think everyone realized by now that those two Belgians ('the new Glimmers') have a fetish for predictable, delicious, multi-layered a-la space melodies. It's actually fine as long as we still want to get on their aeroplane. I'd add here that the Belgians seem to like formulaic sounds: The Glimmers' tendency is for over-produced "disco" ('Nu-Disco') and Soulwax is, well, known for their very own pop-saturated over-produced formula. Over-produce. Over-produce! Ok, that was the last time.

Quiet Village Project - Can't Be Beat // !K7 The album of film editor Joel Martin and UK's brightest techno talent in ages Radio Slave is finally out, and it's a really great record. One of those early released you're gonna hear lots about in 2008. Though most of the songs were previously releases on Whatever We Want Records, it's still fun listening to it all in a complete album format. It actually makes the most sense for a record like this. I think the thing about this record is that it was made by people who are music listeners more than they are musicians. In a weird modern twist, this sounds better than most self-proclaimed musicians sound today. Something about the combination of the gifted Berlin School producer Matt Edwards and movie buff editor Joel Martin create the right atmosphere for something that otherwise would be viewed as filthy Chill Out music. There's of course lots more to say here that I hope to say later.

Noze - Danse Avec Moi // Get Physical Creatively titled "Songs on the Rocks" album is out on Get Physical too, and it's a great - complete - piece. They're French, they aren't afraid to steal hooks from "Strings of Life" and they have the most joy of life and shiny eyes in a second of a song that I've heard in a very long period of time. The LP's crispy as hell, I'd call it "drunk electro" but it sounds like it was played by the most expensive lo-fi orchestra ever. "Ethiopo", one of the closing tracks, is one cleverly composed epic that reminds me of classics llike "Throw" with its smart arrangements.

Jose Gonzales - Killing For Love (Todd Terje Mix) // CDR Terje is on fire. As seen in the video embedded above, he's the stand-out star of the Norwegian scene right now. This mix endorses some of the most tried and tested ideas by colleagues Prins Thomas, Lindstrom, Rune Lindbaek, Mungolian Jet Set and more. None of them really have Terje's charm, the one that's going to make him a worldwide name. I know that in some places he's ironically called "The Todd", but I definitely see why. If Villalobos is the poster producer hippie for the minimal crowds, Terje is giving us great disco.

Luke Solomon - Demons (Brennan Green Remix) // CDR Uplifting, emotional and amazingly good track from Luke Solomon & Brennan Green. This kind of perfection in music can make me shed a tear. Jeez, excellent stuff.

Kawabata - Persuasion // Drumpoet Community Well, I like Lexx (aka Kawabata). He's a cool guy - does both creative disco edit production, and contemporary house. Sadly, I find most of the things happening in dance music right now rather boring - techno isn't vital as before, house is pretty much dead for a long time, and "electro"/"blog house" aren't very worth mentioning. It's sad but true - Headman, Kitsune, even Fluo Kids (!) aren't at the top of their game. So yeah, I think you should sample some Kawabata.

Goldfrapp - Happiness (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Remix) // CDR When all fails, we're always left with Erol Alkan. Good old Erol, and mate Richard Norris, steadily produce new vitalized dance content. I feel they're just getting better, just like their previous effort - the Late of the Pier remix - this is big. The piano chords sound amazing, the psychedelic atmosphere is still dominant, and Erol is proving again he understands the art of "club" from extremely many different and exciting points of view. He's constantly pumping life into dance, connecting all the right dots for us. Erol is a dance rockstar, and intellectual. He has the theory complete with the practice. Really happy he's playing Sonar this year, and I hope to hear him there. Happiness.

ELSEWHERE: I really like muxtape - great design and funny idea. Also, the lovely Stephane has got a mix I made for his blog up there. Check it.


LetNoManJack said...

You didn't tell me you were GOING TO SONAR THIS YEAR, kid !!! Obviously, you had to go the year I wasn't going to be there, eh ?


LetNoManJack said...

Oh, and I forgot: stop dissing Aeroplane.


Tal said...


On the contrary, I'm not really dissing them, I think they're one of the best things that happened in music lately. I'm pretty obsessed with their mixes. I even started a group on facebook with a cause to get them to play in Sonar!

And you must come, man!