The medium is the message in less than 140 chars

Three quick things:

1. Follow me on Twitter, especially if you're a blogger or into really good music - we can start our blogger's thing there and push all the tech geeks away a bit. It's a really nice platform for exchanging tips and thoughts about music. Also, I suggest you sign up so I can follow you as well. I wouldn't want an army of passive stalkers.

2. For those of you who don't see why Twitter is the most interesting and exciting idea online in the past 5-6 years (yep, even more than Facebook in a lot of ways), this little flash-based website concept can do a better job than a long and tedious (albeit quite thorough) post of mine. Um, which will definitely arrive later.

3. This week I'm gonna be listening to: the Discodeine mix of Photonz (thanks d-i-r-t-y!), the fabulous Syclops album on DFA, Andy Weatherall's new "Watch The Ride" mix (amusing to see that even he has gone the "rock band playing disco" path, so to speak), Low Motion Disco remixes, the new Jona on Planet E, the new Mark E (the dude rocks), Booka Shade remixes, Osborne's album, new Quarion 12", John Daly edits, Diskjokke's edit of Harry's Gym, Hercules & Love Affair remix of Yazoo, Munk LP, Brennan Green remix of Professor Genius, and much more.

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