Epic Fu

Since Twitter killed the blogger in me, I'll stick to linking around to fun places on the web for this post:

1. John Daly, John Daly, John Daly. The guy is on fire. After I fell in love with his works (the Santana one in particular) that he half-seldom features on his re-edits blog, and "Move" (via the wonderful Keytars & Violins blog), which is a real destroyer, I really can't wait for his LP. Here you can listen to "Solitaire", alongside other great gems (new Mark E, Casinoboy, 40 Thieves, etc). Great radio show/record store, by the way.

2. 2nd part of the latest Beats in Space show is full of new stuff: new T&T remixes (Sweeney + Goldsworthy, which means Goldsworthy has 3 remixing aliases now), Invisible Conga People, 40 Thieves remix, Discodeine, and more.

3. By the way, what do you think of the new BIS T-Shirt? Didn't like it that much, I personally prefer the Simian Mobile Disco one much more.

4. Stickydisc! Is it going to be Eric B's year? Babytalk is blowing my mind right now, with an emphasis on that Hercules & Love Affair remix of 'Chance'. By the way, have you noticed the same pattern in Andy's remixes as well? The vocal sample looping he did in 'Whispers', 'A&E', and here too (oh, and as a layout for his own mad 'Classique #2' 12"). Not that it's a bad thing, I suppose an artist's fingerprint is something you mostly see today in the likes of Carl Craig (via Daughters of Invention).

5. The forgotten Smylonylon mixtapes are probably among the best tapes in the world (via Dalston Oxfam Shop).

6. Juju & Jordash are two ex-Israelies with an epic taste (which is almost an oxymoron round these parts), their latest mix effort for Trackwerk is really good, and the site also features an ace a-la Cosmic mix done by none other than Andy Weatherall (via Trackwerk).

7. Yura Yura Teikoku are brilliant.

8. The Virgins:

9. Are the Holy Ghost! remixes what the old DFA ones used to be? RCRDLBL, which is becoming a rather cool digital label sort of thing, is streaming the epic (!) remix of Moby's 'I Love To Move In Here' (via RCRDLBL).

10. PERFECT SUMMER JAM: Steel An' Skin's 'Afro Punk Reggae Dub'.

11. Wrapping up with ultra-classic Italo action in the form of Barry De Vorzon's 'Baseball Furies Chase', which - excuse my ignorance - sounds like a wonderful parody on John Carpenter's behalf (via Perfect Love Affair).

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