Personal statistics

This is mainly for personal use, actually. Anyway, some numbers:

1. Special forums I visit a lot during the day: 2
2. Music blogs in my Google Reader: 70
3. Music blogs I go over that are not in my Google Reader stream: 90
4. Other blogs I check everyday, a couple of times a day: 7 (among them: Valleywag, Fimoculous, Waxy, Laughing Squid, Polls Boutique and Lifehacker)
5. Tumblrs I check: about 40
6. Other blogs I visit once a day: 12
7. Social networks I'm addicted to: 1 (Twitter. Facebook too, a lot less though)
8. Big music magazines I check: 3
9. Personal online activities: this blog, a Tumblr & Twitter
10. Games I play: 1 (Quake 3)
11. Games I plan on playing: 2 (once I finally get to installing CoD4 and Warcraft 3)
12. Internet TV/video podcasts I watch: 5 (among them: 1938 Media, Blank White Cards, Pop17, Jake And Amir)
13. Record stores: 2 (Juno's RSS for disco records and Phonica)
14. Local magazines & blogs: 15
15. People I follow on Twitter: 211 (among them: Mike Arrrington, Jason Calacanis, Yermam, Loren Feldman, Biz Stone, Mat Honan, Charles Forman, Alex Albrecht)
16. Blogs that I bookmarked to check out later: 37 (roughly)
17. Tabs on my Firefox right now (saved sessions as well): 103
18. 'Refresh' per day: 32842839

Oh well.


Jonathan said...

Wow. What do you do when you are not scouring the internets? Great blog - keep up the good work filtering it all for us!!!

hot chip's sister said...

f**k numbers! we want hoof chipz!

benjimite said...

Rather classic post indeed. I'm not quite there but I'm working on it :)