These days, I mostly tweet here (follow me.) I have plans to go back to longer form writing in one way or another, but I just wanted to share some musical findings.

Okay, so, some of the stuff I really like right now:

Tony Lionni -- Some newcomer who has that spiffy futuristic Detroit Techno vibe, sounds a bit like Omar-S, Keith Worthy, etc.

The OOFT crew -- The Revenge, 6th Borough Project, etc. Bunch of re-edits that are so good it almost sounds like a whole movement, like the new electroclash or something, but in a disco way. I think too much of that sound, as its kinda idiosyncratic, can get old, but moderated right it's really amazing and uplifting.

Jack Penate -- Yeah, that "Tonight's Today" track is great of course, albeit bit stale in a way. The remixes are great though.

Leo Zero -- The guy from A Mountain of One, anything he touches becomes gold.

Bottin "No Static" -- Great new Italo, immediate classic, Bottin is gonna do well.

Originals compiled by Mark 7 -- Another great comp in the Originals series done by Mudd, lots of unclassics and obscurities from this amazing DJ.

Shit Robot "Simpe Things" -- The robot is back, and the new track has its signature sound plastered all over it, but he did this old school house thing, it's pretty lovely.

Fern Kinney "Tonight (Channel 83 edit)" -- Huge classic with a little delicate and elegant edit, the tune is amazing.


Evan said...
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Anonymous said...

could u perhaps spare an mp3 copy of that Channel 83 edit?? been looking around for that one.... Ta!