DJ Food

In today's world, if you have soulseek and an iPod - you're a DJ. if you've downloaded Traktor - you're at least Michael Mayer. And if you played with the beats a bit, sang the lyrics over the music you're Tiga. Hah, no, actually, you're a well-respected producer and a multi-layer postmodern artist. I refuse to join the "no-talent-anything-goes", "DJ/Novelist/School Teacher/Designer/Model/Publicist/Blogger" party. I decided I'm gonna earn my mixing skills with hard work, dedication, love, aspiration and a broadband internet connection.

Getting into DJing shouldn't be so difficult, and the first thing I know I need is a mixer. The audience, while dancing, dislikes pauses of beat and rhythm - that's a known fact. I started looking around the house, trying to see if there's a chance for a spare mixer. Walking around the house, going in and out of rooms, I got to the kitchen, and then I saw it - my very own first mixer. I wasn't sure what it does there, and it didn't look like I imagined it, but mom insisted it's a mixer (didn't know mom could DJ!), so I had no choice but to try it out.

Well, guys, I've been playing with it for a few hours now and I couldn't get any tracks properly mixed yet, but I must admit, ya'll, this music is tasty!

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