Occam's Razor Bad Post Version

After I got over the mixer business, I sat with mom to discuss music related issues a bit. We started arguing about new school versus old school, she presented some lame arguments as to why new school is better ("the kids have bigger classrooms to study in", "new teaching methods are more effective" and various irrelevant sayings like that) which I totally couldn't fathom. I told her that I don't care, and I'm old school, and finished it saying she shouldn't leave her dayjob as a school teacher, and keep her pseudo-interest in music as a diminutive hobby and nothing more.

Now to less serious stuff, Paul Epworth is one of the most important erm blah blah producers in blah... erm, OK, he's good, everyone knows him. If you want to get a high score on indie trivia, just say "Paul Epworth" to any "Who produced..." question. Let's try this:

Q: Who produced Bloc Party?
A: Paul Epworth

Q: Who produced The Futureheads?
A: Paul Epworth

Q: Who produced this post?
A: Paul Epworth

...etc etc, you get it.

Paul also works as a remixer under the Phones moniker. He also has a very interesting way of remixing songs, this is taken from his site:

"phones is the name i work under to make music on a laptop. it is conceptually low brow, lowest common denominator music for the dancefloor. body music that is supposed to be fun first and foremost. four to the floor, agitated and digital as it comes.
all phones remixes are made in 8 hours or less with an apple laptop using (mostly) cracked os9 software, a cheap vst sound card and whatever outside influence makes me laugh enough to inspire it.
There is no artifice or pretence on any level as phones, other than working on the remixes or tracks from a conceptual point of view... a bad acid mix is me aware I'm making a bad version of acid... hence the titles...
i hope they are as fun to dance to as they were to make."

Pretty neat, eh?


Anonymous said...

מוחק תגובות על ההתחלה?

אל תהיה חלש

Anonymous said...

the fact that anyone can mess up a bit with a computer these days and call it "a remix" doesn't make it listenworthy

Tal said...

משאיר תגובות נבזיות בעילום שם על ההתחלה?

אל תהיה חלש

Eric said...

Cool shit. I had no idea about the Phones guy.