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I'm trying as much as I can not to to turn this blog into a Hot Chip fansite, but I can't stop myself from posting more and more Hot Chip related stuff. I was pretty tensed up on Friday, because generally things in my life don't look like I want them to. My birthday gathering got postponed and then pretty much ruined, but eventually it's all fine. Just when my thoughts were all messed up in my head, I put on the Barbarian EP (new Hot Chip release) and magically forgot about everything as soon as Alexis' delicate voice was heard. Before Hot Chip met DFA, they had a kinda glitchy atmosphere to their songs. This one is from their debut Coming On Strong LP-- my favourite song off it:

Hot Chip - You Ride, We Ride, In My Ride

Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out has been remixed and re-edited too many times, but this rendition is the one that you've truly never heard before. This is an unreleased Hot Chip remix that hasn't appeared anywhere before. They basically contributed their slapcore attitude to the song, re-played it with their funky electronica instruments. I love it:

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Hot Chip Remix)

A bit before I Feel Space, Lindstrom was making music too. This track is not the neo-italo epic that IFS is, but it shows the Lindstrom/Prins Thomas hype is completely justified-- Electro beats with those Gomma synths on top make a great dance track, it is taken from Headman's Dance Modern *excellent* compilation, it's mash-upped with the acapella of Rockers Revenge classic disco tune Walking On Sunshine, which adds some adequate vocals in the mix. Check out the entire mix, it's also much better than sets Headman has done live and it has some true gems:

Lindstrom - Fast & Delirious (Spencer Filipsson Edit) / Rockers Revenge - Walking On Shine (Acapella)

Click here for Gomma's site with various mixes to download.
And here for Dance Modern on discogs.


Tyler Durden said...

הוט צ'יפ זה טוב.
גם אני חורש עליהם לא מעט בזמן האחרון.
ידוע לך מתי אמור לצאת האלבום הבא שלהם אחרי שהם חתמו ב-DFA?

Tal said...

תחרוש, תחרוש.
זה אמור לצאת איפשהו בתחילת 2006. הם כבר סיימו אותו, ושירים ממנו מסתובבים. הסינגל הראשון ממנו כבר יצא על 12 אינץ' בדי-אף-איי, והוא נקרא אובר & אובר.
וגם כבר יצאו רימיקסים לשיר הזה.

Anonymous said...

יאללה, תעבור לעברית.
אין קהילת בלוגי אמפי3 בארץ? תעשה שתהיה אחת כזו.

jo said...

just wanted to say i stumbled across your blog and it's good stuff! i have a new mp3 blog as well; come by for a visit:

jo said...

thanks! done.

Nicolas said...

how the fuck did you get that unreleased remix ??!!

Keep up the good work !