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Simian Mobile Disco - Clik

Simian Mobile Disco are cool. They're James Ford & James Shaw, two ex-Simian dudes who've been remixing and making some seriously exciting music lately. Their second mixtape is really worth checking out. Clik appeared a few weeks ago on Erol Alkan's ingenious Essential Mix, and it really demonstrates SMD's skill. I have yet to come up with a good way to depict them except
'a cool version of The Chemical Brothers'.

Cut Copy - Future (!!! Remix)

If Cut Copy are Chromeo's cousins, and !!!/Out Hud are clones-- this team up should be pretty interesting. Cut Copy released a so-so album this year, but some tracks ("Time Stands Still", "Going Nowhere"), including this one, are just great. Future gets the !!! treatment, which gives the electo-funkers that disco-punk twist they needed (click here to download a nice mixtape Cut Copy made for BBC).

Zea - Clocks (Coldplay cover)

This is a track I kinda have by accident. I know nothing of this Zea band, except that they're one of the better local bands they have there, in Amsterdam (Others being David Gilmour Girls and Melomanics, of course). They kind of remind of Clor, and that's a compliment. This is sorta like a semi-electo cover, which ends in a brutal 90's Hi-NRG/whatever fashion. It's pretty nice. Oh and, I seem to possess two of their albums, I dunno why-- I can upload more of this stuff if you like it.

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Change Channel (Soul Supreme Mix)

Lo-Fi-Fnk are one of my favourite new bands. I found out about them through Kitsune Maison, Kitsune's excellent compilation. Their Change Channel was there, then I stumbled upon And The JFG EP, the release they have on Moshi Moshi, which sounds like a Moshi Moshi release - their avantgarde funk sound-- they even have a name for it "slapcore". Anyway, my brother says the original is better because this lacks the bass, I kinda agree with him but I like them both.

Before I go, one last thing - James from Headphone Sex posted Naum Gabo's remix of Hot Chip's Over and Over. It's fantastic.


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