Some "mpeg layer 3" files for you!

Joakim - I Wish You Were Gone

This is the 'unknown' Joakim track from Erol's Essential Mix. Pause. I mean Erol Alkan, of course (the DJ guy fellow dude). It sounds like an hybrid of International Pony, those awfully familiar bleeps I can't recognize right now, but when I do I will correct this post, fantastic Talking Heads-esque guitars and a disco-punk mood that's not DFA-related for a change. Joakim, the Tigersushi producer/DJ, already visited us in Israel with Panico, the chilean band on his label that he produced, made 'Teenage Kiss', which is a stellar electro-punk track, some amazing remixes (Severed Heads is a prominent one) and now this one. It's definitely going to be of my favourite tracks this year, a real fresh beginning.

Hot Chip - No Fit State

OK!!! Yes!!!! I know what you're thinking. I won't even say anything. Just.. hm... whatanamazingsongiloveit. Aaaand... thisisfromthebarbarianephavefun (please imagine this is not made by Hot Chip, and this blog is actually very diverse, eclectic and truly special).

I also wanted to post Diplo's fun remix of Bloc Party's Helicopter, but then I saw it was posted on some.. more-anonymous-than-this blog, but it's cool actually. It's really worth checking out, he does something completely different than what Whitey did with the song-- instead of looping the main riff he re-recorded it giving it a hip-hop beat feel. You can check it out at Diplo's myspace page.

Good music lesson: the first time I realized how big geniuses Daft Punk are, is when I listened to the tracks they sampled for their songs. So, take Breakwater's Release The Beast (I found it on Freeform Five's astounding Misch Masch compilation), for example. This is Robot Rock. Listening to how they interpreted the song and imagined how it would work in other musical dimensions is pretty inspiring. From funk and disco to electro and french-house, this music is what originated most of the french house I guess. Other examples:

Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby
George Duke - I Love You More

Over at House Is a Feeling (a truly awesome non-mp3 music blog) I found the coolest music summary of 2005. Apparently they met Elijah Wood somewhere, and he's (probably) known to know his way around in dance music, he talked about some important things like Lindstrom's I Feel Space, Kompakt records and other things of magnitude. Elijah's Year in Dance... >>

By the way, you really should download the DFA radio mixes, they're offered gratuitously for you to download, and they're quite cool. Oh, right, mark my words, this label "DFA" is worth keeping an eye on. I noticed that.. they, they know what they're doing, really. It means Death From Above, yes-- yes, like that cool Vice/679 band called DFA1979 but it's.. it's different. Differnet influences, errr, anyway, peace!


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DFA is some really good stuff. Thanks for the link.

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what about RSS feed?

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eric, agreed.
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luvly and cool ur blog m8 keEp it up maybe one day we can drop it down 2gether i believe innit

Deirdre said...

cheers for Joakim, that is an especially rare one, had no idea of its existence.

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Thanks for the link. Like the site, I'll be checking it often.

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HAH! I designed that Hot Chip poster! Me is famous on the internets!

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i'll love you forever if you send me one of those posters. also, i'll give you money.

Chantilly Bass said...

Merci beaucoup for the Joakim cut. I also got a kick out of the Elijah interview. The photo they included was priceless too!