No Hot Chip in this post :(


New post. Bad news. I don't have a server to host my files anymore. No, Hot Chip didn't file a complaint due to the posting of the Franz Ferdinand remix, the RIAA didn't raid me for being too cool either... the kind guys (thanks Achi!) who let me use their hosting service can't let me use it anymore, so I am kind of by myself now. I also don't wanna use something like YSI, rapidshare etc because I know how annoying they can get. I have lots of new shit to post, in the general spirit of new Hot Chip, Le Dust Sucker, Pets On Prozac, Uffie, Metronomy, New Young Pony Club, precious old disco tunes, and a whole variety of other lollipops. So, I come to you, the chosen ones, can you help somehow? Let me use some of your HD space and bandwidth? Heard of a free hosting service? Got some FTP I can upload the files to? An autograph of Alexis Taylor (guess what band)? If you can, drop me a mail or leave a comment.

Meanwhile, till you figure out what I should do, you can download (YSI, sorry) a MSTRKRFT set (on XFM). Old news and all (don't forget this is a pretty belated-post) but keep an eye on those boys. The tracklisting is:

DJ T - Funk On You
Audion - Just Fucking
Chris Lake - One Too Many
Magik Johnson - Feel Alright (Sold Groove Remix)
Christopher Just - I'm a Disco Dancer (John Tejada remix)
Tiga - Your Gonna Want Me
Tiny Sticks - Watching You
MSTRKRFT - Easy Love
H-Man - Rock This Place
Tiga - Move My Body

And a recent 2manydj's set. Also, Tyler at Smashed Robot has a nice radio show which is usually quite good, most of the time he blends funky european electro with old or retro No-Wave tracks, here's the link to lots of recently recorded radio shows. Really worth checking out.


Ryan said...

i use ezarchive. it's only $6 a year and you get 100MB of space to use...

Tal said...

ya? thanks. noted.