It's getting hot in here my friend, 'cos London's burning down

Ugh! I could seriously listen to a whole 2 hour long set of the Booka Shade crew punching their keyboards at random. Accident or not, every synth line, covered by those heavy drums can totally blow my mind away. It makes me feel huge like the soundscape they intend to create. This 'Body Language' interpretation is from their upcoming release 'Movements', out due on April. It goes straight to the stomach, then starts building up slowly from there, until it takes complete control over your entire body. If 2005 was Get Physical's year, this track illustrates music doesn't give a fuck about the average journalist's musical borderlines - it won't stop at 31/12/2005, going to completely ignore the Gregorian calendar, and keep making ground-breaking exciting dualistic (Body & Spirit) music in 2006 till (hopefully) the next millenium bug.

Booka Shade - Body Language (Interpretation)

This track will only be available for a very limited downloads number of 10, mainly out of respect to the Get Physical artists and Booka Shade in particular, and also because I just found out YSI only allows 10 downloads. View this as an opportunity for you to find out how much of the blog's fan you really are - by being aware of how fast you got here! How exciting! Also, the usual procedure of leaving a comment or dropping me a mail will do if you want this song sent to you. If you're an upset lawyer, then I'm sorry dude, you can forget it.

Groove Aramada. Just by saying that name, I presume you'd feel an urge to skip to the next blog, post, whatever. Right? Well, I got news for you. Groove Armada's half - Tom Findlay, released this especially precious record on Tirk. Tirk is home to many a good act, such as New Young Pony Club with the great post-punk hit 'The Get Go', Maurice Fulton's new outfit Syclops with 'The Fly', Fujiya & Miyagi's punk-funk numbers, and of course Tantra's dreamful 'A Place Called Tarot'. A fine home indeed. So, lemme ask ya, What are a great song's requisitions? That'd be A) A pop culture reference people will construe B) An amazing bassline and C) An electro break that will own your heart. Guess what? This one has all three of them! It covers Man Friday's 'Love Honey (Love Heartache)', entrains a killer line and maintains a BPM high enough not to bore the dancer. This is Sugar Daddy's first single release, and it comes with an electro and an acid mix. Oh, and - Tiga likes it. Naturally so should you.

Sugar Daddy - Love Honey (Funk Mix)

Honestly, there's no resemblance whatsoever to the old chill-out beats of 'At The River'. Not that I have anything against Groove Aramda, really. Not that Groove Armada is any relevant in today's minimalistic era of sound.

Now that I know that YSI only gives you the puny amount of 10 downloads, I suppose posting Tiga's digital only release of 'Type Of Guy' won't do any damage (to me, I hope). Buy the album! It's.. it's.. it's very lovely! I tried it and didn't regret it! Mmm, it's also low fat!

The Tiga track is pretty hilarious, and I intend to crosspost with my buddy Let No Man Jack (who's undoubtfully the most interesting Derrida-babbling French-Canadian electro-house-loving Professor in all of that neglected Canadian county in he lives in! I swear) some more ideas and 'theories' about it. If I was him, I'd somehow link it to Lacan and recommend reading 'Histoire de la folie à l'âge classique' or something like that completely disregarding the fact most of you guys probably don't know French, but I'm not. So nyah.

Tiga - Type Of Guy

Wait a second. This post feels a little weird. Did I forget anything?


What was it?


Did I forget the chicken in the oven?


Oh. I know what it is.



hot chip's sister said...

what!! no hot chip?

Bruce Benson said...

The new version of Body Language is simply amazing. Good choice! And the album, well, let's just say Memento is pale in comparison. That Tiga track is cheesy and good at the same time - I'm not too sure about the "it's hot in here my friend" part, but the rest of it is good. I wonder if he took it off Sexor simply because he decided not to include the songs he mentions in the bridge (except for pleasure from the bass) ?

Martin said...