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Blah blah blah words blah blah blah black blah on a white background blah blah, usually the songs come blah blah after the long, exhausting, list of words, but you've probably developed a foolproof scrolling down technique, blah long list of words just use your mouse, yes, like that, and you'll reach the mp3. It must be down here, this blog is not playing with its loyal readership, if you've been here before you probably know that the format is *text**mp3 link in italic* just follow it! OK, enough, good job! here it is:

Tiga - Far From Home (Digitalism Remix)

[Seriously though, Digitalism are amazing producers that pretty much don't need an introduction but their remix work is pretty genius. They kind of remind me of Rex The Dog, but I hope they will know how to reinvent themselves and not use the same sound over and over. Rex The Dog used more or less the same sound and same remixing ideas with his work. The upside of that is that Rex The Dog does have a unique sound and did make some classic tunes like 'Frequency' and 'I Look Into Mid Air', with the general mood of eclectism that lurks around, it's nice to see an artist with an idiosyncratic fingerprint. The downside is that this specfiic sound drained out pretty quickly, but maybe 2006 holds another major opportunity for Rexy. Digitalism's remix of Tiga is a lot of fun, and shows my predictions that I depicted in the previous post-- about Tiga's album drifting to remix kingdom were pretty correct]

I figure if you don't read this anyway, I might just babble to myself about random stuff not related to music. OK then, yesterday was nice, I got home from the army pretty early, played the piano a bit, ate something, checked mail (keep the encouraging mails coming), took a shower and a friend came over. Haha, this so much fun. Anyway, we didn't know what we wanted to do but we wanted to go out, so I offered the geekiest way of finding where to go, it goes like this: we start driving, we reach an intersection and we both choose 0 or 1 and say it, if we both said 0 or 1 then we go right, if we I say 1 and he says 0 or vice versa we go left (this is XOR, by the way). Well, this didn't get us too far, we decided to stop the game and drive to Ramle, a lovely city filled with Arabs (Afro-Palestinians, to be politically correct) which used to have a rich night life in the 70s, but now it's pretty dead. It's close to my house, and we didn't feel like going somewhere distant. We bought a Belgian waffle (which is actually Arab, or at least made by Arabs, hehe), and ate it in the car because it started raining cats and dogs. It was hella tasty, like a sugar-flavoured pizza (I think it's funny how Middle-Eastern Arabs, settled in Americanized Israel, sell Belgian waffles and French crepes to white Polish kids). Then we drove to a near gas station, entered the yucky grocery store and sat in their sofas. It was really cold. Some kids thought they recognized me from school, but I didn't remember them. We talked about socialism and economy, falling in love and relationships. I really like talking to him. After that, we left the gas station and went home. Oh and here's a song:

Westbam Feat. Nena - Old Scool, Baby (Piano Mix)

[I think I would list 'piano house' as one of my favourite genres. As odd as it may be. This song was played by Sir J. Murphy on the australian Big Day Out (check the previous post). That's what reminded me of it. It's fucking magnificent. I tried to think why I like it so much and I deducted it must be the slow drums, the dreamy female vocals ('we are the high, that's the low'), and finally the heartbreaking piano melody. It's utterly simple. Like the XOR game, utter simplicity generating infinite complexity, sorry, that's dumb. Just listen]

And in our usual Hot Chip section, have you seen the Over and Over video featured on the Hot Chip WEBSITE???? It's awesome! Have you heard the XFM session????? They're so good live!!!! That's all fun and known to everyone, but have you heard 'Careful', the song from their new album, 'The Warning'?????? I suppose you haven't! Well, that's what I am for, right? Here it is, enjoy:

Hot Chip - Careful

A complete review of the album should follow. Needless to say though, the song is more Hot Chip than you can ever imagine. By the way, this post wouldn't have happened without superbadger, thanks for everything mate. Feel well. Occam's Razor is 100% sponsered by superbadger, running for the Torino blogging olympics.


Por favor, enjoy this set made by Occam's Razor acquaintance.

By the way, if you want any of the old tracks I posted here and can't be downloaded anymore, mail me or leave a comment. I will send them to you. There should be a list of those mp3s on the right soon.




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Anonymous said...

haha. that was awesome.

Speedrail said...

great blog! thanks for the digitalism remix. i've linked you from my blog, yo

Anonymous said...

Hey man, the Westbam Feat. Nena - Old Scool, Baby (Piano Mix) link just aint workin' for me - I get the opening 20 seconds of the track - any chance of a repost?

You know we love you

Tal said...

oh, sure. ysi is giving me some trouble lately. try megaupload:

great track, hope you enjoy it.

Bruce Benson said...

Am I the only one who's REALLY REALLY REALLY tired of Digitalism ? I mean, they've gone beyond having a 'style' and fallen into the 'formula' trap, don't you think?