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This is exactly what my blog was created for. My hero, THE man behind DFA RECORDS 2006 (and Tim Goldsworthy of course!), James Murphy in a new DJ set! He dropped Chicago, some Liquid Liquid, Digitalism's Zdarlight which is one of my favourite tracks from last year and other stuff. Check it out now! Furthermore, I urge you to check out the latest Beats in Space show, because Tim is going on a tour, and he decided to drop ALL the best tunes to be released this year. You can find stuff like an instrumental version of Hot Chip's (this name is getting popular!) Boy From School (from the extraodinary LP coming out on April this year, trust me guys-- it's gonna be maddd). and most importantly - the DFA instrumental (very mental) remix of Tiga's Far From Home, which brings us to the next subject.

(Murphy, Sonar 2005, directing his show. Picture by: me)

Look what I found in Tiga's horoscope:

This year you are going to release an OK album, since Jupiter is in regression, and the songs were not that amazing too. You will regret collaborating with people from a distant country (Belgium, possibly). Good news are that this album is going to be a great solid ground for remixes. Your friend Morgan has already remixed one of yours songs (the stars are not very musical, but it might be Good As Gold). The next big hint is DFA's remix of Far From Home, it's a true masterpiece and a tough candidate for the Best DFA Remix Award. Since you and Murphy are the same zodiac sign, refer him to this: the future holds great things for DFA-- Shit Robot looks and sounds promising, the remix introduces a real progression in the DFA-ish sound which everyone tries to emulate, it just gets so smoother and slicker, new acts are being signed and if this continues 2006 is going to be DFA's year. Back to Tiga, as much as avoiding the Guerollito/Nite Versions scenario whereas the remix albums were MUCH better than the original is wanted, looks like you're gonna keep this narrative. Don't worry, it's not such a bad thing, you're a singles guy after all. Also, this is a good time to invest in business. Your health is getting better. Great time for meeting new people, and new relationship is coming up as well.

As you know, I am still hostless, but, you will be glad to hear that I've given up to the YSI Gods, and have finally used the damn thing. So, here's my first YSI attempt, this Sparks song is up for only 7 days, which is enough for you to download, play it a million times, download the album, play it a million times, and buy it. Because Sparks rocks. I played it and someone on the phone mistakenly thought it's Bach, as far as it is from that, it still may be a very elaborate Bach. Symphonic indie pop? Polyphonic Spree versus My Bloody Valentine? It's not that easy to define, but it's fresh in so many ways (this is from the 2006 release Hello Young Lovers):

Sparks - (Baby Baby) Can I Invade Your Country?

The hype is Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes' new LP now? Yawn. Don't be boring. The Monkeys are cool, and it's pretty hilarious to see the transition they've made from being a blogger-only knowledge band to a being asked by the Tower Records' clerk if she can recommend me something "special" band, which was pretty damn fast, and that's impressive. White Rose Movement have not been a big secret for a while now, people from the blogging scene and Tower Records shopsellers share their sympathy for this band. The guitars are the same the guitars, the drums are the same drums, the location stays the same, but the SONGS, oh, the songs! We're talking about Love Is a Number, which even Senior Ivan Smagghe AKA Black Strobe decided it's too indie to not be remixed, Girls in The Back, Alsation, and others which were floating around as demos are finally getting a proper release. Just like any band which stayed a rumour for a while, then became a soulseeker's secret love, a great live band, then got signed and finished their album in time to fit well in other interesting 2006 releases, this band suits the formula. I posted one of my favourite songs off the new album, Kick, hope you like it too:

White Rose Movement - Testcard Girl

It shouldn't have taken too long, but finally a truly respectable producer joined the blogging scene. At Midnight Mike's blog he will take you on a journey to his and his celebrity DJ friends' rare records collection. Very, very precious. Might be a bit more attractive than the Madonna blog, in my humble opinion. Midnight Mike is good friends with Zongamin (*cough* 2006!! *cough*), the Gomma guys, and he's also very talented. Highly recommended.

Two last things for this post: I was pretty busy this week and had no time to update, but I am still desperately looking for a home for my mp3s. If you can help somehow, please do. I have a lot of things to post (I will confess that I heard a tiny preview of the Hot Chip album and it's fabulous). Also, I want to thank Jonathan Galkin for being such a cool and great person. You rule. Little note-- there's no relation whatsoever between the Hot Chip preview hint and the Jonathan Galkin shout out. I just figured people might be connecting the dots or something, but, no, it was just a tiny insignificant preview.


alex said...

great great blog.
james murphy is my hero too!
thanks for the BDO set - keep it coming.

Tal said...

hey, thanks! is this alex from adventures close to home?

dancerinthedark said...

Hey man .like your writingd and the music aswell :-)

alex said...

hey talush - no it's alex/matagouri from the trash board!
hope you didn't mind me sticking up the link (that was me on the LCD forum too!!!) the interweb's a small place huh?

Mikey said...

Great blog, how long have you been into arctic certain monkey romance, the new album rocks doesn't it. I love them so much I just set up a website all about arctic certain monkey romance

Clifford Brown said...

Great stuff, keep 'em coming ! It's kinda hard to keep up with all the great stuff that's being put out these days... and when a fellow blogger suggests tracks, I usually listen !!

Darksky Alaskan Malamutes said...

Yes that sure is true. BTW did you see my new pup from Darksky Alaskan Malamutes? He's a real spunk.
Have a great one