Psst, hi. Tal here. I didn't neglect you, I just started studying in the university, and found out it's harder to maintain a normal "life" when you're "doing something", or something. I am not sure about that yet, though. Anyway, I would have loved to stick around and chat, really, but I haven't finished my homework yet. It's not you, it's me. Definitely. You've been awesome. Great laugh. Interesting anecdotes. Er, yeah, I'm gonna have to take off now. But not before I will give you the end of the post gift.

Juan, two weeks ago in Israel

The Juan Maclean - Love Is In The Air (Mock & Toof Remix)

So obviously Mock & Toof are pretty hot, and it's indeed surprising why Kitsune hasn't stolen them yet, but that shouldn't worry you too much right now-- This track is a killer. This year is definitely going to be the year of small indie-electro groups such as MSTKRFT, Justice, Mock & Toof, Simian Mobile Disco and Digitalism (can't leave Fox'N'Wolf, the Lo-Fi-Fnk meets Fannypack and Riot in Belgium behind, of course) are already dripping their stuff slowly. SMD's Hustler, that I mentioned in the previous post, is going to be featued on the much-anticipated Kitsune Maison 2, MSTRKRFT's LP this year, etc etc. Daughters of Invention have already taken the debut of exposing the greatness of Mock & Toof, but that's what blogs, that's what I heard anyway, are supposed to do these days-- promote and increase the hype. Without me, where The Arctic Monkeys would have been? I mean, seriously. Don't feel like presenting this track in a Pitchfork-We-Are-The-World style, so I'll just say that remixes today have their complete standalone existence and this one demonstrates it pretty accurately.

By the way, all the kind people who e-mail me with FREE KORN AND RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS MP3S and HELLO NURSE AWESOME BAND promotion material, I would be really happy if you could sponser a planet ticket to Sonar this year, do you have something like that? I promise to post "NEW MP3S AND COVER ART FROM THE BRONX!!!" if you do that. I promise I'll tell everyone about your bands when I'm at Barcelona! Er, thanks.

More posts and songs to come. I have actually heard some great music lately. Meanwhile, the blogger.com neighbours TAPE are great at what they're doing.

And finally, to those of you who would like to listen to Juan's amazing set (and a lot of local Israeli DJ's nice... track... selections...) you can do that at here.

Edit: (OK, DFA didn't request me to remove the file, but... a bird whispered. You can hear the remix at Mock & Toof's myspace page, but the compensation is in the shape of Fujiya & Miyagi - Transparent Things, off their Transparent Things debut on Tirk. I've heard parts of it (they've already released EP's that are almost the entire album, the last one Ankle Injuries was especially fine), and it's great. Whomadewho meets Can? Would that be a nice description? They have the whole punk-funk thing going without sounding like a The Rapture replica. My prediction: Transparent Things is one of the best albums of 2006. Now buy it, when it's out)


talli said...

and a prediction of my own: not only all over that israeli FOX obnoxious catalogue, but i bet this upcoming summer you'llfind the brazilian theme in many dancefloor oriented tracks. meaning :traces of samba and its south-american shiny friends will make us move our asses, whether we like it or not :)..

some useful examples:
Hardwell feat. Lady Bee - "Go Down"
danny j lewis - "ballistica"
beatfanatic - "broken descarga"
jazzconductor - "wadin BW swahili jazzin"
beatconductor - "sumthin betta BW kumbara"

stacy said...

Such a disappointment that the Juan Maclean song was removed. Im jealous. You got lots of good stuff on here.

Anonymous said...

dear guys, we are managing digitalism. please take off the download link to "jupiter room" by digitalism. otherwise we have to consult our lawyers. thanks for understanding. greetz, metrobass management.

Tal said...

hey metrobass, don't worry about that... the link has expired... no one can download that song anymore. sorry for the trouble.

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