It was 1974, you had an afro, it was pretty intense I was feeling it

Jim Noir - My Patch (Hot Chip Remix)

If you're a club owner, the first time you should listen to this is in your club. Granted, this is combined with Booka Shade's, uhh, In White Rooms, or something, from one side and Rekid's Diamond Black from the other. This is the most minimal, Crosstown Rebels-ish, "big", remix production work of Hot Chip, while other works being the usual Hot Chipian synthy and bleepy Microkorg-mania (see their Architecture in Helsinki Do The Whirlwind rendition for more clues). If we talk in Hot Chip terms, the closest to this I heard were the Back From The Future b-sides and the monstrous DFA Just Like We Breakdown remix. Put the quasi-academic banter aside, just play this in your club. Or, vis-a-vis, steal your dad's big stereo, get your cousin to play with the lights and frolic.

Digitalism - Jupiter Room (Martian Assault Edit)

Kitsune. That's one label with a personality. I imagine Kitsune as being a bunch of super-stylish Parisians, working at their one ("we're anti globalization") store, defining delicately the most accurate electronic paradigms. They're taste-designers. Culture artists. Just take a look at their latest forthcoming release, Kitsune Maison 2, one of the more impressive collections of fashion-not-fashion yupster music. Finally, an un-Nag-Nag-Nag, un-electroclash-Larry-Tee-Atomizer-yucky Adam Sky/Adamski song, Simian Mobile Disco's at their talked about, best work of date, Hustler. Joakim at a post-Tigersushi intricately arranged disco-not-disco-punk track, I Wish You Were Gone, that of the original been already posted right here. Fox'N'Wolf being the next thing you should say you've known from the beginning (in a Todd Terje, AKA "I saved Lindstrom's Another Station single from boredom-death" Todd Terje remix). The Lipps Inc madness of the Just Brothers' Popper (remixed here, of course), old school Azzido Da Bass, the best remix (not featured in Silent Alarm Remixed, ha) of Bloc Party, which is Boyz Noize's usual magnificent production, and much more. So this boils down to basically, decisions. Cold, rational, decisions. I could virtually pick any track from this album and post it. But I won't encumber you with the blogger's dilemma, I just chose this great edit of Digitalism. The contention about Digitalism is that every track or remix of theirs sound like it's a Zdarlight mash-up. I have only one thing to say about that: Who cares? More Zdarlight! More Palermo Disko Machine! So yeah, this does resemble Zdarlight, but there's nothing negative in that observation.

There's a lot more to talk about of course, like the new Glimmers record, Rekid's LP, some iForward Russia dissing to be made, the big Gnarls Barkely question (hype or not?!) but as someone great once said before me, my time is running out.

Edit: Just another little treat for you Kitsune lovers, Captain Comatose's Khan & Snax are behind this, Brennan Green on the edit position = fun fun fun.

Kaos - Cerebral Tremolo (Brennan Green Edit)


mike said...

dude, you totally missed the best thing on that Kitsune Maison 2 comp: MSTRKRFT remix of Wolfmother's 'Woman'!

It's the bestest!!

Tal said...

well, it's good. it's a bit different than their keyboard-ridden daft punk style, but as it was out before the compilation, it kinda grew on me and out of me afterwards.

Sean Donson said...

That Jim Noir/Hot Chip track was up for only a day? AArgh! Gotta hear it! Repost? Please?