Next year: Ibiza

Lindstrom - Contemporary Fix (Disco Mix) There must be something about the Norwegian scene. I think it's different, or idiosyncratic, in the way that the Norwegian house and disco are heavily influenced by the local jazz scene. It seems as though the intriguing figures of the scene all have thorough and conventional jazz knowledge. Mungolian Jet Set, for example, contributed their impressive jazz-funk angular stylings to Lindstrom's 'A Blast Of Loser', giving it a special spot in the Cosmic Disco Hall Of Fame, alongside Nick Chacona's brilliant 'Through The Door', Mungolian Jet Set's own remix of LSB's 'Original Highway Delight' and The Emperor Machine's 'Yes No Egg', all current throbbing, pulsating classics, but above all stands out this track. Lindstrom, and let's be honest about it, might have released an abundance of records on his Feedelity label, but he hasn't really surpassed the blatant amazement 'I Feel Space', or 'Mighty Girl' perhaps, produced. For most of us, Hans-Peter Lindstrom is the Nu Italo (I know, that's almost as dumb as Nu Rave) name behind one of last year's biggest records, 'I Feel Space', and not too much more than that. This is of course quite flawed. While duos like Simian Mobile Disco release their immediate dancefloor bombs, Justice and the Ed Banger crew being so horribly fashionable you just can't avoid them and you inevitably find yourself dancing to that heavy electro frenzy of theirs, Lindstrom is one of the few real musicians out there, real modern musicians (as opposed to post-modern) that make blissful dance music, forgive me if this seems like a profanity but-- a composer, I'm afraid. Do not be fooled to think I'm in any way against fashion in music, or that I think that it makes it any less relevant. I have the utmost respect for Simian Mobile Disco, especially for encapsulating lesbo-porn and the type of electro London loves and Kitsune signs in that video for 'Hustler', and Cut Copy definitely knew how to assemble all the good trendy music in their recent Fabric mix. Anyway, this track is Hans-Peter's evil grin to the face of the tsk-tsk-tskers, to the face of hipster 19 y/o DJs with a ripped mp3 of 'I Feel Space'. It has a divine 303 solo, oriental guitars and vibes of something you notice completely unprepared listening to one of those boring Cafe Del Mar compilations. I'd hug any DJ that plays this track in a cheesy Trentemoller-Radioslave-Jesse Rose-Klaxons-Hot Chip psuedo-eclectic mix, because I know they just won't.

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