Shame on you

Joakim - Lonely Hearts
New Joakim tracks are always a reason to rejoice. This track, from Joakim's forthcoming "Monsters & Silly Songs", out on January 2007 (that's not as far as it seems) on Versatile, sounds like a great wrap-up for a party in a smokey club, after you've danced your brains out to Martin Buttrich's 'Full Clip', D. Ramirez's Bodyrox 'Yeah Yeah' remix and Simian Mobile Disco's remix of the new Rapture single, yes-- the perfect mellow closure for a great off-kilter dance party. But yeah, why must the reference point be the party? It could also be the song you surprise your friends with in the special little mixtape you make for them, you twat. It could also just be a great rock ballad, especially when it comes from Joakim, one of the prominent producers of a scene that's usually construed as decadent, adhering listen-and-forget values, wherein new charts are made up each week, tracks are being used and thrown away-- the one where an album released last month is considered "old", that kind of dedadence I'm talking about-- it's easier for me to identify. People who live this world of immediate satisfactions do have a chance. That's why I see huge sentiment in those lyrics about "lonely hearts/ lonely space/ lonely race/ lonely face".


Oller said...

Oh no, another seemingly great track that you've posted and I'm too late to download it. Would you mind re-up it? Thanks a bunch in advance / Olle, Sweden

Tal said...

yes, definitely. give me your email so i can mail you a YSI link. BTW, i've seen on your blog that you posted a cool 'the office' youtube, is it from an upcoming season or what?