Disco yes disco

Escort - Love In Indigo Not beardo-disco, hippie-house, disco re-edit, nu-disco or nu-rave, this is *authentic* disco. Escort are releasing their 12"s in admirable tranquility. Original, underground, New York material, the very type people like Rub N' Tug, Idjut Boys and Prince Language put under their pillow at night. Following 'Starlight', we're lucky to have another treasure. Escort's so real, you might think they invented a time machine in the 70s, configured it to '2006', and now they're making fun of all of us. Could they predict the current disco revival? Are they making big sisters ESG proud? When's the Morgan Geist remix? Who am I talking to? But seriously, the secret seems to be the ability to sound so goddamn LIVE on my pathetic mp3 player, with my lousy Creative soundcard. Just like other disco revivalist acts in New York-- The Rapture for example, the producers don't go to sleep till the bass, the guitars, the drums, the piano sound as live as possible. What else can shake the bored listener a bit? The listener that's so used to clicking and skimming through songs on his ever-changing playlists, the listener that got so bored with the same VSTs again and again, the listener that knows what you're gonna say before you say it. Who doesn't want to feel truly alive for 3:49 minutes?


bolloxx said...

you're talking to me! saw esg this week and man o man they blew me awaaayaarrghh

Anonymous said...

you should listen more to einsturzende neubauten