Ah just wanna dance

Superthriller - Superthriller Motherfucker Hey hey, hold on. What's going on? Is everybody confused and think this is still fucking 2003 and we should still put out punk-funk records? Yah, we had CSS, we had New Young Pony Club, we had Kaos, please. Everyone sing along in Shaun Ryder voices: Superthriller, motherfucker! Superthriller, motherfucker! Your mother, your mother, everybody just fuck your mother. Why do I feel so obliged to dance to someone dissing me? And now it's Tal's verse: Yes, motherfucker, this is 2006, dancepunk's not dead. J. Murphy's legacy shalt rule on. Answer me though, what makes this narcissistic self-reference thing so popular these days? Is sexy back? Uhh, do we really need an ironic self-aware wink to get us closer to the object? Lacan motherfucker. Also, you momfuckers who haven't listened to Superthriller's DISGUSTING full album from two years ago, you're officially prohibited from running around saying you know what electro-funk really is.

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