I love you all the time/ Except when you are mine

The Lovely Feathers - Frantic First, well, I want to declare I want this to be a short post. Kitsune really deserve more than my usual paragraph lengthed writings, and I'm not in the mood for a long academic dissection of the label and its' releases, which sounds boring already. This song actually serves as a pretext for talking about Kitsune's new compilation: Kitsune Maison 3. It's also my current second favourite tune out of the compilation, and since posting Simian Mobile Disco's 'I Believe' would have been too obvious, and I still needed to write about Maison 3 - you, well, got this.

People think of abstract things in two main ways. They attribute colours and tastes to them. When I think of Kitsune, I think of really sweet candy, I can almost taste it, DFA kind of tastes like meat to me, Todd Terje like sushi, and the list goes on... Most of the music that I know is completely tasteless, it's either grey or just too vague to fathom. So, by this introduction, you're supposed to know Kitsune is pretty special to me. I like handling special things with care and loving hands (no Tim Goldsworthy reference intended). Before you panic, I'd like to note that Maison 3 is great. Yes, bloggers heard almost all these songs before. Yes, that's what you get for being a damn blogger. Kitsune are like the popular kids on MySpace, bands are sucking up to them, sending them demos and promos first. They don't even have to leave comments on others' pages to get noticed. They spot a band they like, and out of utter tremble near the Gods of taste, the band succumbs.

Kitsune could have been great bloggers. When you're synonymous to 'cool', when you invented hipsterness before NME killed it with their dirty hands, the responsiblity is so great you just have to fuck up. Sadly, that is what happened here. They released it just too soon, like premature ejaculation - you're cumming, this *is* an orgasm, but you're just a joke afterwards. They could have waited before releasing it, us kids get bored of things too fucking quick. They could have lurked more on MySpace, maybe wait for the track Nightmoves promised to make for them to be done, I don't know. Being a tastemaker is similar to being a fashion designer - you have to predict what's gonna happen, what things will actually look like. In this case, we've heard the songs already. We *know* the bands. Freeform Five? Yes, we all sympathize the fivers. Simian Mobile Disco? Been there, loved that. Boys Noize? Come on, that's kids stuff.

So, what is there to say about Kitsune that will regain their self-confidence? So what if it's the worst Kitsune compilation, it still is -Kitsune-. They still convinced Simian to write a new, so-so-so amazing track that you won't hear anywhere else too soon. They still dug Oh No! Oh My! out of their sorry ripe graves, and put the almost only good song from their self-titled 2006-released album here ('I Have No Sister' being the second one). It's still a way to show Erlend Oye that we truly care about you, darling. So, an outsider could observe that Kitsune is choosing the cutey-pie electro-indie poppy direction, but that's just rubbish. It basically sounds like music desperately trying to be pop. But really, I love you Kitsune, would you still be my MySpace friends?

Oh, let's see if this was short like I hoped. Let me scroll up... Oh no.. Well, I guess I lied.

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RY said...

frantic, defiently my favourite on the album right now too.