Vinyl fetishism

Double - Woman Of The World (Long Instrumental Version) It's been a while since I yearned for vinyl. I buy records on a daily basis, almost anything I like I buy, but this time, this isn't just about consumerism. It's about wanting to hold the material. See it actually spin slowly on the turntable. Smell it knowing you're holding a timeless record. Not to sound too erotic, but this is actual humane craving for the manifestation of abstract art as material. Todd Terje was there before me, of course, re-editing this in an explicitly wonderful way under his Tangoterje alias, which is something you should seek out as well if you haven't already. Also, Pilooski has just re-dubbed it and you can listen here on the Phonica store. I found it a bit odd it wasn't in the Cosmic Excursions compilation, released not long ago, alongside other italo-disco mega-classics. It has been featured on both recent Ame's 'Mixing' set and Henrik Schwarz's DJ Kicks, so it's been getting a proper newly founded buzz by the competent audiences. Nevertheless, it made this blogger's past weekend in isolated Israel much better.

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