Or maybe it was Latex?


- Oh yess, this is good!!!
- Name that tune!
- Ahhh it's great, er, lemme think... Pretty minimal, some thumps and clacks.. Is it 'Seeing Through Shadows'?
- No! Rekorder!
- What?? I can't hear you... No Order?
- No!! Rek-order!!!
- Oh oh, who is No Order?
- Stephan Bodzin!
- Oh, so is it 7.1, 7.2, or 7.3?
- Ahh I dunno, who cares!


- Damn! This is great! I know this one!
- Name that tune!
- Uhh, Seeing Through Shadows?
- No! Patrick Chardronnet!
- OH! I never heard anything from him, didn't know he's that good
- It's his goddamn hit!
- Great!


- Yeah! Now *this* is Seeing Through Shadows
- No, it's Ame's remix of Akabu
- Er, fuck minimal


Miguel said...

man, why don't you a start a minimal comix?
this text is perfect...

LetNoManJack said...

so funny, my lil tal. no wonder i am in love with you ;)

Tal said...

thanks guys :)

neklas said...


i can't tell you have many times i've had similar conversations.

i'm all for the comic strip idea..