Balearic Rave*

John Forde - Star Dance // EMI Exclusive for this blog! I got this leaked stuff, from 1977. I think it's the new release on Ed Banger, or maybe Kitsune, or maybe - hell - Modular. Yeah, "we" were sent this and were kindly asked NOT to post, but our readership commitment is ranked too highly.

Apparently, Richie Hawtin and Pedro Winter were playing this back to back for the last couple of months. Also, it seems like new-r*ve has taken up a new direction - which is, old great cosmic disco sounds.

I heard Justice were extremely pissed off when they heard about this - they said they were quitting Ed Banger to produce freak-folk for Joanna Newsom's new album.

This one's definitely for the kidz!

(* satire)


Steve said...

I get jokes.

Tal said...

but some don't, steve, some don't!