I'll always be there, oh, oh, my future love *yawn*

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Occam's Razor dissection) Warning: this might come off as a little pretentious. If you have anything against pretense - stop the record now. Alright, then. I'll say it straight up: I think Soulwax's remix of this song, is the first piece of music in the world that is basically so good till it becomes redundant. I'll explain: we were all anticipating Soulwax's "new remix", after the great one they did for The Gossip (also, one can spot the beginning of this procedure back then), the hype manifested just like a blurry-half-pirated, taken-from-some-random-concert youtube video can. Blogs were hiddenly competing each other for the first one to post bits of this remix. Everyone were so eager to "get there", that nobody basically ever got there.

We did think it's great for the first time we heard it - Soulwax, after all, planned it that way - they definitely know how to capture the SECOND's sound and print it on a record. Obviously, the problem might lie right there - it only worked for a second. We heard it once, loved it, heard it the second time, and it sounded amazing, but somewhere then we realized we were kind of fooled - Soulwax led us to believe it's outstanding, and after the "killer beat" excitement wore off, sorry - the "new killer beat" excitement - we saw there's basically NOTHING there: the beat becomes boring too quickly (for its own good), the famous handclaps are a bad reference when they sound best (for their own good), the vocals are oh-too-familiar already with the consistent plethora of remixes (for their own good etc) - we are left with nothing, really. Pop will eat itself? I suppose Soulwax are the first pop wizards to prove this.


peter said...

agreed, generally

The Sky Patrol said...

It's music aimed directly at the body, giving the mind a miss.

It's a one night stand with a gorgeous girl who turns out to be an empty person.

One day, you'll go knocking on that girls door again, looking for that fix that only she can give.

And that's when, for a fleeting minute, you'll forget that, in the end, she doesn't really deliver, and you'll let her carry you away into the ecstasy of the moment.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmm sexy sounds abd beats baby!XXBlackvictor