My top, uh, things in music right now, or something:

1. Aeroplane feat. Kathy Diamond - Whipsers (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)

Heard it somewhere. Oh, it's wonderful. Oh, I love it. Oh, oh, oh, yes. Hope you got the message. Yeah, it's great, and, be patient, or something.

2. Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor

Yeah, totally. Of course.

3. Babytalk - Keep on Move

Progressive techno and shit, this is ace ace ace.

4. Studio - Out There

The 16 most beautiful minutes of 2007. Classic.
(even though it was released in 2006)

5. The Chemical Brothers - Battles Scars (BTWS Remix)

Erol & Richard are at the top of their game. Great stuff.

6. El Dukes - Tittle Tattle (Borat Edit)

A friend said that Borat is the best unknown DJ in the world. This edit should support that claim.

7. Holy Fuck - The Pulse

Yes. Approved.

8. Hipnosis - Pulstar / Gino Soccio - Remember

Both tracks from the new Dj Hell 'Hellboy' mix for Playboy. Full of shameless Italo uber-classics (therefore Music classics). These two are premium content for me. Lindstrom has a notebook packed with this stuff.

9. Tiger Stripes - Survivor

Mm, I think I liked this groove for a couple of hours. Kind of stuff Booka Shade eats for breakfast.

10. Roland Appel - Unforgiven

Yeah. Sure.

General notes:

1. Hot Chip

2. Aeroplane

3. Hercules & Love Affair


prance rosner said...

I must hear this Hercules & Love Affair remix of Aeroplane!

hot chip's sister said...

aight! hot chip!!!!

blazin' hotness!