Slow is the new fast

I want to talk about something. I don't really know what or how. I want to talk about Balearic Mike for a bit. I have been checking him out lately a bit. I don't know much about the guy, so it might just be my need to feel some sort of personal "cultural development", but I really like him right now. In fact, since I listened to his "Cosmic Alphonsus Vol. 7" mix a couple of times (not that many actually), he has become my - hold your breath - favourite DJ.

Now, yes. Is that all it takes, then, to seduce me these days? With so much, excuse me, rubbish floating around - once I stumble upon something that is so NOW and so ME at the same time, I completely forget my self-phrased musical values and lose my head. What does it take, then? First, the tracklisting is a secret. Yes, thanks Balearic Mike. It is indeed a great idea to first neutralize the nervous namedropper in me. Richard Stallman and his Free Software movement might not like this non-disclosure approach about your songs, Mike, and regarding them as "secrets" might seem kind of weird in a post-soulseek-mp3-apocalypse, but then again: that's why it's so amazing.

Listening to the mix with no song list in front of you (something I now advise everyone to do) feels kind of weird at first. Like someone has shaken your grounds for a second, you immediately go "Where's my wikipedia dammit?", but then you forget about it. Who cares about the tracklisting? Balearic Mike (a seriously cool name indeed) is trying to say: trust me please. And I don't really trust many people, but the music, yesss.

Second, this is a pack full of extremely great songs, of course. I don't know most of them. They sound like everything I like, though: some cosmic, beardo, weird unclassics, "slow is the new fast", hey what's that sound? whoa, it totally sounds like Studio, psych, ultimate guilty pleasures, DISCO. It's basically the unsung soundtrack of me in 2007. A beautiful aural narration of my life this year. Mike seems like the last one standing of the true digger fame. A less nagging version of DJ Harvey, perhaps. His taste is not too personal to alienate, but not too broad to feel cheap. He' both communicative AND passionate about what he's doing. A listener's taste, not a DJ's. Truly delicate and stylish, without making your ears twist and your heart disappear. I'm feeling so balearic.


hot chip's sister said...

what! no hot chip?

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"Gee..." said...

"I'm so balearic I drive a Seat Ibiza '88"