Gonzales is back

Hey. I just wanted everyone to know I think Gonzales is a really cool guy. It's kinda shameful Feist and Peaches, who were his homies back in the Kitty-Yo days, got so much more recognition for their music. He released a few very good albums so far, he's totally creative and fluent on the piano, he is actually an off-kilter "composer". Also, he's really weird. In the sense that most 'indie' persons aspire to be - you all look the fucking same. Being Canadian, Jewish too, had his time living in Berlin (hence the Kitty-Yo connection) and now he resides in Paris. That's a pretty cool combo anyway. Now he has a new album coming soon (April 17th) called "Soft Power". That's all cool, and there's a collaboration with Teki Latex, which I kinda like too. That is generally pretty nice, so far.

The new song is called "Slow Down", and it may sound like a stereotypical electro-pop number, but if you take a deeper look within, and judge it in the wider perspective of his previous more-subversive work, you can totally see he's a really funny, emotional, ultra-talented yet underrated type of guy (why did I think of Whitey now?). This video teaser of the new album is exactly - in the meanest marketing mastermind sense there is - real viral content stuff. Also, Gonzales has a captivating Borat-esque presence, and the part where the teacher yelps-sings 'Slow down!' with him is totally precious.

Here is is (via Discobelle):

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