Podcast! Music! Radio! Hebrew!

Fellow Israeli readers, I have a new podcast show that features some Hebrew babble and great music, check it out here: http://ourpodcast.tumblr.com/

Hope you enjoy it! Feedback is welcome.



sleepster said...

Sounds nice, could you please provide a written playlist so I can pirate this songs effortlessly?

MisterBlog said...

Great podcast, i wish i could understand Hebrew.
Any chance to know who made that Noir D├ęsir kind of balearic edit ?

Erik said...

good stuff!

Tal said...

thanks guys!

misterblog - what min do you refer to?

here's the tracklist:

1. steel an skin - afro punk reggae (dub)
2. the shortwave set - now til 67 (aeroplane remix)
3. grace jones - la vie en rose (toby tobias edit)
4. dusty springfield - the look of love
5. phil collins - i'm not moving (idjut boys edit)
6. lindstrom - the long way home
7. rubber room - dark desire (rubber room rerub)
8. watussi - if all we had was love
9. the turtles - elenore

MisterBlog said...

That rubber room track is a re-edit of Noir Desir's "Le vent nous portera", whis was a huge hit in France in 2001.

Tal said...

wow, cheers mate. could you send it to me or something? great blog, btw.