This is quite irrelevant to the nature of this blog, but I still gotta try. I'm looking for people who are interested in cyberpunk culture and were active participants in one way or another in it. That's web 1.0 type of stuff, IRC and Phrack magazine. Looking for people who think there might be a connection between post-cyberpunk and post-modernism, between Creative Commons, Richard Stallman, Napster, Wikipedia, Kalle Lasn & culture jamming, mudge (from MIT) and buffer overflow exploits, Hackers the movie, Derrida, Lacan. And even: sw_r, h4g1s, u4ea, Solar Designer, The Mentor, b4b0. I believe we need to chat for a bit about something important. Please contact me ASAP.

And for the people just looking for some great music:

Wild Rumpus - Purple Somersault // Bitches Brew

Pretty perfect beach jam...

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Anonymous said...

what do u want to talk to H4G1S about?